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I am primaraly a landscape painter who rejoices in recording the landscapes around me whether it be Scotland or France, my two favourite locations for differing reasons.

I am trying to capture the essence and character of a particular place through the spontaneous use of colour, line and shape to create new forms.

I am very much a non literal painter and prefer another beauty rather than slavishly imitating nature which to my mind only results in yet another bad photograph. Working in a highly improvised way with colour, line and shape I am hoping to create unpredictable accidents on the surface which will gel with other areas, and in time evolve into larger pleasing forms. During this process I am continually thinking on my feet which makes for a more intense working method. This will also from time to time cross over into the abstract but as my work progresses and matures, I feel this is no bad thing and I should not resist the path Iam being taken on.